September 2016: Küratörlük: Koruma ve Kapatmanın Diyalektiği
(Turkish translation of DE CVRATORIBVS. The Dialectics of Care and Confinement)
Koç University Press

November 2013: DE CVRATORIBVS. The Dialectics of Care and Confinement
Atropos Press, New York – Dresden

January 2010: Passages Through (the Unfinished Monument) 
Public Space With A Roof and Roma Publications, Amsterdam


June 2017: “Ghostly Women, Faithful Sons”, Issue 33 - Curating the History of the Present, Zurich

January 2017: “East West Manifesta”
I Can't Work Like This - A Reader on Recent Boycotts and Contemporary Art
Sternberg Press, Berlin

September 2016: Kuraatorite Leiutamine
(Estonian translation of “The Invention of Curators”)
Archives and Disobedience. Changing Tactics of Visual Culture in Eastern Europe
Estonian Academy of Arts Press, Tallinn

February 2016: “European Democracy Revised: The Crimes in the Manifesta Archive”
Europa. Eine Fallgeschichte! / Europe. A Case Study! 
Christian A. Bachmann Verlag, Essen

December 2015: “A invenção dos curadores”
(Portuguese translation of “The Invention of Curators”)
Arte & Ensaio Issue 27, University of Rio de Janeiro Brasil

January 2014: I Don't Wanna Be Part of Your Facebook Revolution
Open! Platform for Art, Culture and the Public Domain, Amsterdam

January 2014: “Exorcising the Ghosts of Europe: Manifesta Biennial of Conteporary Art and the Failed Rhetorics of Democracy”
Kunst und Ideologiekritik nach '89 / Art and the Critique of Ideology After '89. KUB-Arena, Kunsthaus Bregenz Austria
Ed. by Eva Birkenstock, Max Hinderer Cruz, Jens Kastner, Ruth Sonderegger

August 2012: Clowns Belong to the Circus? A Review of two books on art and activism
Krisis: Journal for Contemporary Philosophy, Issue 1, Amsterdam

March 2012: Chapter 13: The Interstices of History; and An Unofficial Timeline of Socialist and Post-Socialist Performance
Perform, Repeat, Record: Live Art in History, Intellect (Bristol – UK) Ed. by Amelia Jones, Adrian Heathfield

October 2011: “Wie verdeidgt het publieke belang?” Interviewed by Floor Tinga regarding the symposium “Social Housing–Housing the Social”
Metropolis M, No.5

September 2011: Inverted City: Looking through the cracks of a labyrinth
Catalog of the exhibition Erre: variations labyrinthine, Centre Pompidou-Metz, France 

August 2011: Error to Mistake: Notes on the Aesthetics of Failure
LEA Leonardo Electronic Almanac, vol.17, No.1

January 2011: Avatar Cat People – The Others in 3D
Cinemascope, Year VII, Issue 15, 3D AND BEYOND” 

September 2010: The Potentialities of Abstraction
Catalog for the show Attractive Abstraction in Art and Architecture, Bregenzer Kunstverein Austria

September 2010: The Black Hole of Vision: On Rune Peitersen's Saccadic Sightings

August 2010: Sanja Medic: From Phantasmagorias of the Interior to the Poetics of Fall

July 2009: Images of Bliss in the Theater of Cruelty
Catalog for MAM Project 009: Koizumi Meiro, Mori Art Museum Tokyo

June 2009: Hidden Agents of Power
Publication by the artist Kevin Immanuel, Dutch Art Institute Enschede

November 2008: “Bodies 2 Rent: The Desire of Economy, the Economy of Desire”
Catalog for Meiya Lin's solo show, Staging Reality, C5 Art Beijing

April 2008: Merry Christmas, KIASMA
OKNO Brussels and MAGAZINE 3⁄4 Slovakia

January 2008: Notes on the Aesthetics of Failure
Monograph by the artist Darko Fritz Archives in Progress: projects 1987-2007 Croatian Association of Artists, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Zagreb

June 2007: Concept of the publication Beauty Unrealized and text “Closing a Circle, or: Fitting Square Pegs into Round Holes”
Public Space With a Roof and Roma Publications, Amsterdam

June 2007: Shadows on the Landscape
Publication by the artist Adamantia Nika, Dutch Art Institute Enschede

September 2006: No Change, Please, We are Post-Students: The Anaesthetization of Art and Society
Prelom Magazine Belgrade, International Issue

September 2006: Catalogue for the Exhibition Volume
Sandberg Institute and University of Amsterdam

March 2006: Catalogue
Hiscox Art Award, Amsterdam

August 2005: Dwarfs from Wallachia, or Being a Nomad in Europe
Debatte – Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe Vol.13, No.2, Routledge, London

June 2005: Story About Him – or: Do You Understand Contemporary Arts?”
Prelom Magazine Belgrade No.6

September 2003: “Who Wants to Be an Albanian? The Representation of Albanians in the Serbian Movie The Hornet”
Südosteuropa Mitteilungen No. 4-5/2003, Munich

September 2003: The Ring – an Ordeal for Male Maturity or the Horror on the Neck
Prelom Magazine Belgrade No.5

January 2003: Translation from English, interview with Lawrence Rinder, “American Effect”
Prelom Magazine Belgrade No.3/4

June 2002: “Grenxa – the Bitterness of Hornet's Sting: The Representation of Albanians in the Serbian Movie The Hornet
Prelom Magazine Belgrade No.2/3

July 2001: Translation from English, Slavoj Žižek: “Why Do Always Exist Two Fathers?”
Filmske sveske, Belgrade

June 2001: “Kako sam postala Srbin?”
And translation from English, Slavoj Žižek: “No Sex Please, We Are Post-Humans”
Prelom Magazine Belgrade No.1

December 1997: “The Chieftain and His Tribe: Is this the Time of New Tribalism?”
On Students and Other Demons – The Ethnography of the Student's Protest 1996/97
Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade