Rune Peitersen, Homunculus, 2009

Sanja Medić, Untitled, 2006

Meiro Koizumi, Melodrama for Men #2, 2009

On Meiro Koizumi:

How to Dismantle a Human Bomb: Images of Bliss in the Theater of Cruelty (2009)

In: MAM Project 009: Koizumi Meiro, Mori Art Museum Tokyo  

Kevin Immanuel, Michel Foucault Letters, 2009

On Kevin Immanuel:

Hidden Agents of Power (2009)

In: Foucault Letters, Dutch Art Institute Enschede

Darko Fritz, End of Message, 1996

On Darko Fritz:

Error to Mistake> Notes on the Aesthetics of Failure (2008)

In: Darko Fritz Archives in Progress: projects 1987-2007, Croatian Association of Artists, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Zagreb

Reprint: LEA Leonardo Electronic Almanac, vol.17, No.1, 2011

Adamantia Nika, Topographic Sensations, 2015

On Adamantia Nika:

Shadows on the Landscape (2007)

Final Publication, Dutch Art Institute Enschede

Marjolijn Dijkman, Rave Nature, 2005

On Marjolijn Dijkman:

Glow in the Dark (2006)

In: Hiscox Art Award Catalogue, Amsterdam

Meiro Koizumi, Hardcore, 2004

On Meiro Koizumi:

It's Just a (Screen)Play (2006)

In: Hiscox Art Award Catalogue, Amsterdam

Lucia Macari, Hip-hop On Bones, 2004

On Lucia Macari:

Hip-hop DADA (2006)

In: Hiscox Art Award Catalogue, Amsterdam

Mu Yuming, Belief, 2007

On Mu Yuming:

The Choice of Freedom (2006)

In: Hiscox Art Award Catalogue, Amsterdam