Newspaper Report on Belgrade Lecture (in Serbian)

January 12, 2017
I am happy to share this report on the lecture
"Kurator je rođen! Dokumenta dokumente i spektakl kapitalizma" 
("The Curator is Born! The Documents on documenta and the Spectacle of Capitalism")
held on December 26th, 2016 at the Salon of  the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade.
It was written by A. Popović and published in the daily newspaper DANAS on December 27th, 2016. 


* Text on Darko Fritz's work reprinted in LEA 41

October 2, 2011

Text 'Error to Mistake: Notes on the Aesthetics of Failure' now reprinted in LEA Leonardo Electronic Almanac, vol. 17, no.1:




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* Lecture "Conflict of the Senses: the (Un)disciplined Self after '68" at Expodium, Utrecht

October 19, 2010

On October 22, I will give a lecture about the ways in which capitalism effects our senses by overloading them with stimuli and the potential of art to disturb this. 

The lecture is a part of MA workshop given by Marcus Miessen in which he will focus on participation from the perspective of conflict.

For more info, please check: 



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* My new text on Rune Peitersen's work now online on

September 8, 2010
"Black Hole of Vision: On Rune Peitersen's Saccadic Sightings" - a text on Peitersen's last show at Ellen de Bruijne Projects in Amsterdam can now be checked online:


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* Film 'Endless Installation: A Ghost Story For Adults' now online

August 1, 2010
A short film about the exhibition I did with Public Space With A Roof and which took place from March 21-April 26,2009 at SMART Project Space in Amsterdam. It was filmed by Jose Biscaya who directed it in collaboration with Maja Novak.
The film follows the structure of the installations in the exhibition and we also presented it as part of the solo show in Frederick Kiesler foundation in Vienna in November 2009.


Endless Installation: A Ghost Story For Adults from public space with a roof o...

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* Michel Foucault Letters by Kevin Immanuel now can be ordered online

June 1, 2010
This book, made by the Canadian artist Kevin Immanuel, to which I contributed an essay, now can be ordered online via Art Metropole:

"Michel Foucault Letters" documents artist Kevin Immanuel's ongoing project archiving the supposed correspondence between the famous philosopher and a number of galleries and art institutions throughout Europe, North America, and China. The letters were, in fact, written by Immanuel himself, both as a literalization of Foucault's emphasis on the importance o...
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* Documenting the Spectacle - talk and film screening of Jef Cornelis' documentaries

May 3, 2010
When: May 4th, 2010, 8pm
Where: TPTP Space, 20 rue Muller, Paris

If in Paris, feel free to drop by for a talk and screening of two very important but rarely seen documentaries on exhibition making by the Belgium filmmaker Jef Cornelis

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