* Documenting the Spectacle - talk and film screening of Jef Cornelis' documentaries

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When: May 4th, 2010, 8pm
Where: TPTP Space, 20 rue Muller, Paris

If in Paris, feel free to drop by for a talk and screening of two very important but rarely seen documentaries on exhibition making by the Belgium filmmaker Jef Cornelis

Documenta 4, 1968, 54'

German, French, English, Dutch spoken

When Professor Arnold Bode thought up documenta in 1955, his job was putting West-Germany arisen from the ashes, back on the international map. When documenta IV takes place in 1968, the international art world was entangled in an authority crisis as well. The politicization of society in the late 1960s made itself felt in Kassel – red flags and groups of people chanting slogans meant that the opening speeches could not be held. Moreover, documenta IV was streaked with controversy and debate on the fragile relationship of aesthetic judgement and democratic forms of reaching a consensus. Interviews with, among others, Sol Lewitt, Joseph Beuys, Harald Szeemann, Allen Jones, Christo, Martial Raysse and Robert Rauschenberg.


Documenta 5, 1972, 54'

German, French, English, Dutch spoken

According to Cornelis, documenta 5 could have gone into history as the first instance of an exhibition as a spectacle. Supervised by Harald Szeemann, art made its way back to the museum. It was as if the avant-garde was buried for good. Artist-curator on one side, artist-singer on the other: this constellation was to determine the Documentas of decades to come. For that reason, this film cannot be considered merely as a report of a historical event (with an outlook on trends of the moment: hyperrealism, kitsch, conceptual art, Art & Language, Herman Nitsch, Joseph Beuys, Bruce Nauman, Daniel Buren etc.). It is as well a possible approach to the phenomenon of Documenta as a whole.


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