Lectures & Presentations


December 2016 – “The Curator is born! The documents of documenta and the Spectacle of Capitalism”
Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade

March 2016 – “Lost and Found in the Manifesta Archive”
Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art Riga

November 2015 – “The Magicians of Globalization: Magiciens de la Terre, 25 years later”
Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Norway

December 2014 – “documenta and Sonsbeek out of Bonds: Jef Cornelis' Documentaries and the Spectacle of Art”
Dutch Art Institute Arnhem

May 2014 – Promotion of the book DE CVRATORIBVS. The Dialectics of Care and Confinement
ACT MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology Cambridge

May 2014 – How to film an exhibition: Jef Cornelis' documentaries of documenta
UnionDocs New York in collaboration with MINI/Goethe-Institute Curatorial Residencies Ludlow 38

May 2014 – “The Aesthetics of our Complicity”Symposium Under Pressure: Response and Responsibility of a Biennale
Platform BK and Witte de With Rotterdam

April 2014 – Promotion of the book DE CVRATORIBVS. The Dialectics of Care and Confinement
Archive Kabinett Berlin

March 2014 – “The Darkness of Our Time: On the Meaning of Contemporary in Contemporary Arts”
Conference Collecting Geographies, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

February 2014 – Promotion of the book DE CVRATORIBVS. The Dialects of Care and Confinement
Jan van Eyck Academy Maastricht

January 2014 – "The Invention of Curators"Symposium What do we do when we are doing it? Models for a Future School of Curating
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and De Appel Arts Center

December 2013 – Workshop with the students of the Curatorial Program
De Appel Arts Centre Amsterdam

April 2013 – “The Invention of Curators”
Chukotka Amsterdam

October 2012 – “Hey little Aborigines, Where is Your Museum? On the Meaning of Contemporary in Contemporary Art”  
ZMO Berlin

September 2012 – “Exorcising the Ghosts of Europe: Manifesta Biennial of Contemporary Art and the Failed Rhetoric of Democracy”

Conference Art and Ideology Critique After 1989 
Kunsthaus Bregenz

April 2012 – “Unpinning the Butterflies: at the Threshold of Art and Anthropology
Wolfart Project Space, Rotterdam

January 2011 – “Inclusion as Exclusion: Obscured Crimes in the Manifesta Archive”
Conference Imagining Europe. Perspectives, Perceptions and Representations from Antiquity to the Present
Leiden University Institute for Cultural Disciplines

October 2010 – “Conflict of the Senses: On the (Un)disciplined Self after '68”
Expodium Utrecht

July 2010 – “Inclusion as Exclusion: Obscured Crimes in the Manifesta Archive”Conference Un-titled: Affirming Negations – Negating Affirmations
ICI Culturlabur Berlin

May 2010 – “Documenting the Spectacle – talk and screening of Jef Cornelis' documentaries documenta 4 and documenta 5”
TPTP Space Paris

October 2007 – “Manifesta Democracy Revised”
Studium Generale, Rietveld Academy Amsterdam

October 2007 – “PSWAR and Collaborative Design”
Dutch Art Institute Enschede

April 2007 – "Why I Love... Susan Buck – Morrs and Five Obstructions"
Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam

April 2007 – Presentation of the project Beauty Unrealized and workshop with art students
Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, Norway

April 2007 – Collaborative Practices in Arts
Okno, Brussels

December 2006 – Presentation of the PRELOM MAGAZINE
Rough Guide to Belgrade, De Balie Amsterdam

January 2006 – “Blowin’ in the Wind: LSD, the Sixties, and the Politics of the Nervous System”
Synaesthesia Salon, Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis

November 2004 – Presentation of the PRELOM MAGAZINE
Cordially Invited, BAK Basis voor Actuele Kunst Utrecht

February 2003 – “The Last Train for the Balkans – Orientalization of Europe in the video game The Last Express” 
Petnica Research Center

November 2001 – “Grenxa – the Stereotypes About Albanians in the Movie The Hornet”
Petnica Research Center

April 2001 – “History and Theory of Blood Revenge in the Balkans”
Petnica Research Center